Real Time Processing

A client is redirected to enter his credit card on a payment page. The card is processed in real time and the client sees the result in a few minutes. Teh website is also notified of the outcome of the transaction and will proceed with delivering the service. The Payment can be done with or without 3DSecure.

Virtual Terminal

Call centers taking phone orders. Low volume merchants not wanting the overhead costs of a POS machine, not to mention the lack of flexibility.

End of Month Billing

Thousands of transaction are uploaded onto the gateway through a processing file, for example at the end of the month. Phone Companies, Membership fees are typical examples. Features allow export back into billing systems, automatic reprocess of failed transactions and many other supporting services.

Card Present

Card are swiped through a card reader and processed via gateway using a card present protocol.

Recurring Billing

Transactions processed automatically at regular intervals.

Worldwide Coverage

Endeavour offers a network of banks around the world. We match the bank to your needs and not yours needs to the bank.

Payouts to MasterCard

Endeavour now offers PAYOUTS to MasterCard for 7995 merchants.

Gaming Industry Support

Specific Support for the Gaming Industry such as Sportsbook, Casino, Poker, Lotteries. Also Payout solutions.

Cheque Issuing/ Banker's Drafts

We can issue Banker's Drafts enabling you to send money quickly and safely around the world by cheque.


3DSecure called Verified by Visa for Visa and Secure Code for Mastercard is a scheme which eliminates online fraud and authenticates the ownership of a card.

Implemented correctly, 3DSecure greatly reduces the cost of doing business online and allows merchants to focus on growing their business.

Best Fraud Detection

The fraud detection tool in Endeavour is called Phalanx; Phalanx combines the strength of numerous technologies and techniques within a profiling system that hunts down fraud.

Many of the technologies employed are unique to Endeavour.

Client Review

easyDNA Limited, an online DNA paternity testing company .. [News].

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