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Lowering fraud and chargebacks. Use of 3DSecure, Fraud Detection and Payouts back to credit card (CFT). Importance of multi-lingual support.

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Do you still run the risk of chargeback each time you accept a payment online? Then you need a new payment gateway.

HOW ABOUT A TECHNOLOGY THAT GUARANTEES THE PAYMENT AND PERFORMS AN IDENTITY CHECK AT THE SAME TIME? Endeavour has been offering 3DSecure for a few years, perfecting this technology to a fine edge.

What is 3DSecure?
3DSecure is a technology that eliminates fraud. When a client pays over the internet, he is required to AUTHENTICATE himself with his own bank - the bank that issued the credit card. This is the one party in a transaction that intimately knows the client. If the transaction is successfully authenticated then money is collected from the card, otherwise no money is collected. Because you have the AUTHENTICATION provided by 3DSecure, this transaction cannot be CHARGED BACK - the payment is guaranteed.

What happens if the bank that issued the card is still not supporting 3DSecure? The payment is still guaranteed. The responsibility of chargeback now shifts to the bank that does not support 3DSecure. This transaction is called 3DSecure attempted.

How many banks will be supporting 3DSecure? 3DSecure is compulsory, every bank will be required to implement this technology if they are to remain offering card services. All major banks around the world are either supporting 3DSecure or at advanced stage of offering it. What's more, if the merchant accepts 3DSecure, then the merchant is protected irrespective if the client's bank supports it or not.

Does 3DSecure lose you clients? Many concerns have been expressed over the fact that a client making a payment will panic the first time he is confronted with 3DSecure. Most of these concerns are unfounded for the following reasons:

When a payment is made, Endeavour first checks with Visa to see if the credit card is participating in this program. A client must have registered his card beforehand and been issued with a PIN by his Bank, otherwise the gateway will not present the client with the 3DSecure interface. Gaming Operators are the least vulnerable since they have repeat business and the ability to contact their clients Endeavour automatically detects aborted 3DSecure payments and will send an email to the client with an explanation. This aborted 3DSecure transaction is also clearly indicated in the database, allowing the merchant to contact the client. Endeavour allows the possibility to automatically use 3DSecure when a new card is encountered and to then process normally for subsequent top-ups once a card is successfully authenticated. Careful analysis of data has shown that clients quickly get accustomed to 3DSecure and will thereafter shy away from any website not offering it. Rumors that some Banks will not authorize a 3DSecure transaction rather than assume the chargeback risk: A number of these claims have been traced back to the issuing bank and valid reason for rejection been offered in all cases. In any case, such banks are likely to reject all ecommerce transactions and Visa explicitly does not allow a bank to reject a transaction on the premise of it being 3DSecure protected. In any case, if such banks do exist they are likely to be a high risk to you the merchant and to their own cardholders.

What about Fraud Detection?
Endeavour has an excellent fraud detection system called Phalanx which has proved time and again its effectiveness at detecting fraudulent transactions. 3DSecure eliminates the need for fraud detection, but Phalanx is still available to protect MasterCard and other types of credit/debit cards.

What is CFT?
CFT is the ability to send money back to a credit card. CFT is a PAYOUT. Up to US$50,000 can be sent back to credit card at any time - the amount is not limited by the amount that was collected in the first place. CFT makes PAYOUTS safe and efficient - Endeavour supports a number of cool features to quickly make a large number of PAYOUTS. What's more, Endeavour has over the years built a level of security around PAYOUTS that makes it safe to use - the ability to send so much money from your bank account into someone's credit card should not be treated with carelessness!

CFT eliminates another source of fraud since often times stolen cards would be used with a betting operator to then get paid via a bank transfer - effectively taking money from a card. Combined with 3DSecure, CFT is a powerful feature indeed.

What about MasterCard? MasterCard operates a similar system called Secure Code. This system is not currently offered by Endeavour because MasterCard forms a low percentage of the overall transactions. In view of MasterCard's hostile approach to Gaming Industry and lack of features such as PAYOUT support, 3DSecure gives merchants another incentive to accept VISA over MasterCard.

Why are Languages important?
Many payment systems assume that everyone in the world speaks English. This could not be further from the truth - that is why many of you offer their websites in multiple languages. Endeavour supports the following languages (more available on request):

Italian, German, Swedish, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Russian.

With the closing of the US market, Europe and the rest of the world has gained in importance and this in turn means that languages are important. The Endeavour language support features cut down on confusion, support calls and chargeback claims. What's more, it helps our merchants send out the message that they CARE ABOUT and RESPECT the cultural identity of their clients - that in turn is good business.

What more should I know about the Endeavour Payment Gateway?
Endeavour IBS has been a pioneer in Credit Card Processing technology since 1999 and has always offered its merchants the very best in security and features. EPG is listed as a payment services provider directly on the Visa and MasterCard website and has successfully completed the security audits required for PSP for a number of years - the first PSP in Malta with this status.

We welcome an opportunity to meet up with you and discuss our services further.

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