Payments Card Industry (PCI) Security Standard

All Payment Gateway must be Level-1 PCI complaint. Merchants using not using a Level-1 PCI Compliant Payment Gateway assume the financial risk and are liable to fines and blocking of their funds.


Endeavour is a Level-1 PCI Certified Payment Gateway and has been so for a number of years.

In addition, Endeavour is an authorized reseller for the 3DSecure MPI technology, having been licensed by Visa for 'Verified by Visa' and by MasterCard for 'Secure Code'. You can read more about this at

While Banks should not be working with non-PCI Compliant Payment Gateways, the Merchant is urged to carry out their own independant confirmation and insist to see a valid certificate of compliance. Both Visa and MasterCard also publish a list of authorized Payment Gateways. It is ultimately the responsibilty of the Merchant to ensure that the payment gateway is PCI-Certified. Failure to do so will mean that the merhant will be responsible for any damages and fines resulting from security breaches at the Payment Gateway.

Merchants may also handle credit cards details and may be required to obtained their own PCI compliance (usually Level-3 or Level-4). Endeavour also gives their merchants the possibility to NEVER handle or store card data, while still retaining ALL the flexibity and features the merchant requires, including the ability to 'store' a card for automatic billing; the storage in this case would take place on the Payment Gateway.

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