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EasyDNA Limited - The Fastest Growing International DNA Testing Brand

easyDNA Limited (, a specialist DNA testing company, has developed into one of the fast growing international DNA testing brands. With over 18 office in 16 countries, the company offers an extensive portfolio of DNA testing services including paternity testing, relationship DNA testing and forensic DNA testing. This success has been based not only on providing highly accurate DNA tests through its internationally accredited DNA testing laboratory, but also on the basis of providing excellent customer service. Regarding their collaboration with Endeavour the company stated, "We consider Endeavour to be our partner and not just our payment gateway. The reliability of the service, as well as the willingness to deal with any issues promptly, have been an integral part of the successful expansion of easyDNA over the years."

Better protection against High Risk Fraud

Professional tools Againts Professional Fraud

High risk businesses attract sophisticated fraudsters and one thing any fraudster will do is to hide his tracks, in particular his IP address through the use of Proxies. Matching the country for the proxy IP with the country of the bank that issued the card is also used to foil fraud scanning tools such as employed within the Endeavour Gateway. Now, researchers at Endeavour have come up with another technology that can detect the actual IP address behind the proxy. For Endeavour merchants, doing business online is now even safer.

Online Payments charged to your mobile phone

Accept online payments through mobile phone

In addition to credit card payments, it is now possible to allow clients to pay for online services and products using only a mobile phones.

Operation is easy; the client chooses to pay via mobile phone and enters his mobile number on the payment page. He then receives an SMS to which he must reply YES or NO. If the reply is YES, the money will be deducted from the mobile phone credit and paid out to the merchant.

There is no risk of fraud or chargeback to the merchant.

New Email Functionality

New Email functionality launched

Q1 2008

The Payment Gateway now fully integrates email delivery, enabling the merchant to see a confirmation that emails from gateway have been delivered to a client.

While emails sent by gateway are optional, emails play an important role: there is a clear link between fraud and emails and between disputes and emails. Allowing the merchant to get confirmation of email delivery - Directly from the Payment Gateway Interface allows merchants to offer a better service and detect fraud.

The new email functionality also opens up new paradigms for credit card processing. It now now possible to block a payment if the gateway detects that the email cannot be delivered.

A further option is now to send information via email only if a transaction was successful. For example, a password could be send via email only if the payment went through. Endeavour makes sure that information cannot be seen otherwise.

This functionality is a further addition to the many features already offered for email, such as Multi-lingual support. .

Wifi Hotzones Integration

Wifi Zones a great success

Vanilla ISP ( celebrates two years of the deployment of Wifi Hot Zones in many popular destinations. It is now possible to buy airtime by credit card in any location served by Vanilla. The service has been very popular, in particular the coverage of a yacht marina, where some famous personalities have made use of the service without ever leaving their yachts.

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